Restaurant menu collection

As a ‘foodaholic’ I do enjoy going to nice restaurants around the world. As a souvenir I collect copies of the menus signed by the Chef when possible. I did not want to keep the pleasure of reading these menus only to myself so on this page you will find a photo of some of the menus.

These pages do not contain comments about these restaurants; it does not make much sense judging the hard work of Chefs on one visit. Sadly this is what so many food critics and bloggers do to produce their uninteresting reports week after week to promote some fashionable restaurants or discredit others. These pages do not contain any ranking either. Rankings such as the one of a Swiss agri-business and a British magazine for the so called ‘best in the world’ has no other goal than make self-publicity, and is an absolute nonsense. Not only the selection process is flawed but there is no such thing as ‘the best’. How could one ever compare Adrià’s cuisine to Pacaud’s or Ramsay’s?


The collection of menus on this site is not updated anymore and the latest additions can be found on Facebook.


Other menu collections

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