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Cryptographie militaire

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Omnes Steganographiae hoc Opusculo traditae, quae per numeros aut characteres quescunque perficiuntur, ingeniosae quidem sunt, ut nemo non videt, illae praefertim quae latentis secreti suspicione carenti; at non aeque omnes sunt faciles, & pleraeque non sine magnus temporis dispendio exhibentur cum finguli numeri, singuibique characteres, non nisi singulis Alphabetis litteris substituantur.

[from Epilogus & auctarium operis]

All of the secret writings handed down in this pamphlet (literally, ‘little work"), those which are executed by means of numbers or by all kinds of characters, are truly ingenious, as all will agree; particularly [ingenious are] those which pertain to a hidden secret which goes undetected (literally – ‘lacks suspicion"). But not all of them are equally straightforward and the majority of them are revealed not without a great investment of time taking each number and every single character one-by-one and only if they are substituted for individual letters of the alphabet.

[english translation by E.J.M. Greenwood, Newnham College, Cambridge]

Schola steganographica in classes octo distributa, quibus ... explicantur artificia nova queis quilibet scribendo epistolam qualibet de re ...
Courtesy: Whipple Library, Cambridge

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